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Getting Down to Basics

At this point, the rest should seem only natural. The errors which were detected in the testing phase need to be corrected, the page reloaded, and tested again. Once all of the bugs have been squashed, the job is finished for now. And although this article has carried on for page after page, remember that there are only four steps to the process.

  1. The Creative Stage
  2. The Planning Stage
  3. The Production Stage
  4. Implementation and Testing

As long as this program is followed, the job should turn out well in the end.

The Web Design Group encourages you to try and try again. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your web site be! But with a little perseverance you will be proud of the results you will be able to achieve in a short period of time. And remember, any of the Members of the WDG will be happy to help when you run into a problem. You can post a question to the HTMLHelp BBS, seek out individual members at the About the WDG page, or post questions to any of the following HTML Newsgroups with "WDG" in the Subject line.


If you haven't yet checked out the WDG Awards page, do so now. There you will find additional guidelines to follow during the creation of your Web site as well as examples of other excellent sites.


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