Nasca Lines Photos

Peru's Nasca Lines are drawings in the desert that are believed to be about 2000 years old. Most of the drawings can only be seen from the air, making their original purpose a mystery.

I took these photos while on a sightseeing flight over the Nasca Lines on May 15, 2007:

[Photo of the airplane I rode in] [Photo of Nasca Lines overview] [Photo of desert] [Photo of trapezoids] [Photo of trapezoids] [Photo of the "astronaut"] [Photo of the monkey] [Photo of the dog] [Photo of the spider] [Photo of the condor] [Photo of the hummingbird] [Photo of a tree and hands] [Photo of the parrot] [Photo of the Pan American Highway] [Photo of the Andes] [Photo of the Andes] [Photo of the Andes]

No invasive security (or even metal detectors) at this quaint little airport:

[Photo of Aerodromo Las Dunas]

Something about these figurines in the airport gift shop caught my eye:

[Photo of airport gift shop]